Skip the Sugary Stuff…Take a Sip of Something Naturally Sweet!

  • Infused water has very few calories.
  • After infusing your water, you can still eat the fruit or herbs – or throw them in a smoothie.
  • Vitamin C and B are water soluble, so they seep into the water you drink.

Follow These Basic Guidelines…Then Get Creative!

  • Always thoroughly wash fruits and herbs before infusing.
  • Cool tap water is fine, or you can use sparkling water. You can even infuse juice or tea with new flavors!
  • Use glass – not plastic. Mason jars or recycled glass jars are great!
  • To prevent bacterial growth, infuse and store your water in the fridge – not at room temperature.
  • For a stronger taste, slice or muddle the fruits and/or herbs before pouring in the water.
  • Use your infused water within 4-5 days. Remember, keep it refrigerated!

Featured Recipe: Berry Mint Infused Water

INGREDIENTS (♥=Fresh from the Catskills!)

♥1 handful of fresh strawberries, raspberries, or any other berry!
♥1/4 cup of mint leaves (use less for a more subtle flavor)
4 cups of water

1. Wash and slice your berries.
2. Wash and remove mint leaves from the stem.
3. For a stronger flavor, muddle the berries and mint in a bowl using a wooden spoon (or gently mash using a fork).
4. Place the berries and mint into a large glass container (or divide into smaller containers). Pour water over the mixture.
5. Place your infused water in the fridge for 4-5 hours or even overnight for maximum flavor.
6. You can strain the berries and mint prior to serving, or just keep them in the glass.

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