Fun at the Farmers Market (9 Activities and Tips for Kids)


Let’s face it. Most kids don’t look forward to grocery shopping. But farmers market shopping? That’s another story. Children enjoy being at the market – and farmers are happy to see them, too! Use these 9 tips to make shopping at Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets even more fun for kids (and parents, too). 1.Free For All! Most vendors at all 9 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets tend to offer free samples. It’s a great [...]

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11 Top Grilling Tips from Catskills Farmers


From tips for perfectly grilled asparagus to juicy burger secrets, farmers from the Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets share their favorite grilling methods.  #1 Smashing Good Advice “Don’t smash the burger flat with a spatula. That releases all of the lovely juices onto the coals...instead of in your mouth!” -Tom and Denise Warren, Stone & Thistle Farm Products Offered: Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, eggs, prepared foods Find Them at the Farmers Market in: Callicoon [...]

11 Top Grilling Tips from Catskills Farmers2019-06-05T19:35:26-04:00

Store Smarter! Top 10 Storage Tips for Fruits and Veggies


Does this sound familiar? You bring home a bounty of fresh veggies and fruit from your favorite Sullivan Catskills Farmers Market. You’re in a hurry, so you put all your goodies in the fridge…but not all produce wants a cold welcome home! Take an extra 5 minutes to store smarter with these top 10 tips. 1. Fruit and veggies are frenemies When it comes to healthy eating, vegetables and fruits are your good [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Farmer


Going to a Sullivan Catskills Farmers Market is as much about the food as it is about meeting friendly farmers. Over 500 people were surveyed in the Catskills in 2016, 9 out of 10 said they enjoyed meeting their farmer. One thing shoppers enjoy is getting valuable tips, recipes, and insight into how their food was grown. Here’s what to ask your farmer! #1 What’s the best way to store _______? It might [...]

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10 Reasons to Spend 10 at Catskills Farmers Markets


Imagine. If everyone in the Sullivan Catskills spent $10 at the farmers market this summer. Over $360,000 would go back into our economy. Plus, you’d enjoy the freshest, tastiest food – 97% agree. What’s your reason to spend $10? Find yours below, then pledge here to get a free gift. It’s time to clear up the myth that farmers market food costs more. During peak produce season (July through September), you’ll find that [...]

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Eat Healthy to Feel Happy


The search for happiness should start at your local Sullivan Catskills Farmers Market, where you can find a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. According to a 2016 study by the American Journal of Public Health of 12,389 individuals, eating fruits and vegetables can provide a boost in happiness. Just how much happiness? The researchers concluded that with every additional daily portion of fruits and vegetables, happiness increased. The biggest bump in happiness occurred [...]

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